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Walter Boeykens (BE)

Stephan is doing well internationally. His playing is musically and technically top! He defends both very well the contemporary Belgian composers as well as the international composers. I met Stephen only recently, but I think he is at high level in the European clarinet world. For me he is a revelation and I will therefore support him with all my knowledge and relationships that I myself have built up during my career internationally.

Harry Sparnaay (NL)

Some time ago I heard for the first time the name Stephan Vermeersch and as always I'm happy when a new name can be added to the already long list of bass clarinet players. I was really happy when I had the opportunity to hear him live at the "Clarinet Congress" of the Agency in Madrid. Besides excellent playing, excellent tone and fluent presentation, he also appears to be a composer, with compositions that really sound good. And the reaction of the audience was correspondingly high. With such players of the bass clarinet the future of our great instrument, the emperor of instruments, is all right!

Richard Nunemaker (USA)

"I first heard Stephan Vermeersch perform at the International Clarinet Conference in 2011. I was blown away. Not only by his superior musicianship on the bass clarinet but also for his musical command of all the instruments of the clarinet family. Mr. Vermeersch's compositional skills are also of a superior quality. I was/am truly fascinated and enthralled with Stephan Vermeersch's  creativity and originality. Stephan is a tremendous addition to the International community of clarinetist/composers.

David Krakauer (USA)

Stephan‎ Vermeersch is a wonderful musician and superb clarinetist. I am delighted to hear that he will be performing Osvaldo Golijov's monumental clarinet quintet : "The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind". This is a piece that I've championed since 1996 when I recorded it with the Kronos Quartet and have subsequently performed it around the world countless times. By the composer's instructions, "Isaac the Blind" is written for "klezmer clarinet". So in order to bring this extraordinary work fully to life, the challenge for the performer is to be able to totally embody the Eastern European Jewish klezmer style in the deepest way possible. I believe that Stephan Vermeersch is a musician who has the requisite sensitivity and integrity to be able to achieve this goal.

David Krakauer

Grammy Nominated International Concert and Recording Artist